Tips To Control Young Children At The Mall

If you have ever spent time in close quarters with a toddler or a young child, then you will know that they do not work on the dictates of logic; emotion rules them completely. They may be perfectly fine one minute and the next, be lying on the floor having a tantrum. Such a volatile being is difficult to control in public at the best of times and in a mall, it is near impossible. So here are several tips on how to manage a toddler at a mall.

Bring Reinforcements

Never go to the mall alone. Always bring the other parent, a friend, a fellow parent or drag grandpa away from his hobbies Perth (building trains or playing cards) and take them with you. This is so that you can divide and conquer – your energy, not the child. The child will have energy enough for both of you and will constantly distract you from your purchases by getting into trouble, so the best way to tackle that is to always have one adult keeping an eye on the child, while the other shops. If you cannot find somebody to accompany you, then wait until you do because going to the mall alone except for an energetic and curious toddler means you will get maybe 1 item done in a list of 10, if you are lucky.

Logic Works

Logic works as long as it’s their logic. The ‘terrible two’s’ are known for being a tough time because children lose their temper when they can’t communicate with you, but even at 2 years old, they understand what you say. So go down to their level, look them in the eye and tell them in a calm and level voice that you will one thing that they really, really want (like going up and down the escalator 10-20 times or going to buy slot car tracks for their collection at home), if they let you do your shopping. Say it, and mean it. If you break your word there, they will never trust you again. Keep reminding them of that promise throughout so that they know you haven’t forgotten it either.

A Little Something, Something

This one is a vicious circle if you get started, but bribery works in many cases too. You can either promise them something before you go to the mall, that you will buy them their favourite toy after your shopping is over, or you can buy something for them as soon as you walk through the doors and hope it will keep them occupied. Children have legendary, short attention spans however, so they might not remain occupied by whatever you buy until the end of the time. So either buy them something complicated that will hold their attention, or hold your promise for ice cream till the end.